Hello! My name is Tiffany Kim,

A girl who has dreams to archive!

To Hope, Support, and Help Other Children Experience This Sport.

I am 13 years old and will Labay middle school 7th grade. I first touched the ice on The Royal Caribbean Cruise when I was about 4. No words could explain my experience, even though I clung to the wall and held my mom’s hand. Through this new magical feeling of soaring across the ice and the frosty breeze blowing in my face, I developed a heart for skating. After realizing how much I loved skating, my dream started.

I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. 

– Philippians 4:13 –

Gone But Not Gone

By Tiffany Kim

I first touched the ice on a cruise when I was 4-year-old. No words could explain my experience, even though I clung to the wall and held my mom’s hand. Through this new magical feeling of soaring across the ice and the frosty breeze blowing in my face, I developed a heart for skating. After realizing how much I loved skating, my parents supported me financially through many sacrifices that I am truthfully grateful for to enable me to take expensive practice sessions and lessons. Seeing how much my parents invested and believed in me helped to motivate me further to be the best in ice skating. With hard work, dedication, and constant practice, I skipped being in snowplow and passed the basic and freestyle levels in a very short time. Every day until now, I have been working as hard as I can by using all the time I have to practice. Though sometimes I become distressed, I still get up and skate my best. I went on with my skating career to become an Olympic champion and an Ice-skating coach until little did, I know I had missed out on something big.

One morning, while stretching, I received a notification on the phone from my mom regarding a video called RISE. At first, I did not want to watch it because I was not interested in history, but I did, and I am glad I watched it. As the clip played, I was inspired by all the skaters they had highlighted. I learned more about the incredible ice-skating champions like Maribel Vinson Owen, Laurence Owen, Diane Sherbloom, Larry Pierce, Doug Ramsay, Stephanie Westerfeld, Sharon Westerfeld, and some coaches. I learned that these figure skaters brought the audience to the ice-skating rink, got creative, and poured out their hearts during competitions. Then suddenly, someone in the video mentioned the plane crash. I paused the video. How come no one told me about this? I continued to watch the video as my heart sank. All the accomplishments that these fantastic people had reached were wasted. That is what I thought, of course. But my thoughts were wrong. Though this event caused much weeping and loss of hope, it helped raise new generations to reach out to those who want to achieve their goals during challenging times. By listening to the hosts, the multiple retired Olympic Champions, and the families that knew these skaters, I understand that this goal is what the fallen skaters would have loved to accomplish in their lifetime.

For example, Laurence Owen was the daughter of Maribel Vinson Owen, an Olympic Medalist, and a smiler. I learned from the video that she had a playful heart and noticed that she spread her smile on and off the ice in every photo. Her performance showed personality and indeed exhibited the wonders of ice skating. I also wanted to point out her mother, Maribel Vinson Owen. She was a strict coach, but at the same time, her heart was open to teaching and sharing with the new generations how to skate. We cannot forget about Doug Ramsay. I heard he would practice his jumps with his hands in his pockets and fold his arms during programs! His creativity inspired me to look beyond the borders of my skating skills.

Though they had significant accomplishments, their lives flew past them. Their stories deeply moved me, and I wanted to apply them to my skating skills. Moving forward, I aim to think positively and use this memorable event to hope, support, and help other children experience this sport. As an ice-skating coach, I will use this opportunity to share my skills with the world and encourage them to keep working and fighting for their dream. Just as how these skaters did.

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저는 Collge Staiton에서 태어나 1살 때 휴스턴으로 이사 와서 지금까지 이곳에서 선교사님이신 할머니와 5학년 수학 선생님이며 전도사님이신 아버지, 자상하신 어머니, 말썽꾸러기 3명의 남동생들과 함께 많은 사랑을 받으며 자라왔습니다. 어려서부터 말씀과 신앙 위에 올바른 크리스챤으로서 선한 영향을 줄 수 있는 사람으로 자라라는 부모님의 가르침 가운데, 학교에서는 우등생이고 기회가 있을 때마다 봉사하며, 배우며 늘 부지런히 모든 일에 최선을 다하고 있습니다.
저는 책 읽기, 글쓰기, 바이올린, 노래, 요리, 운동, 여행, 그리기 등을 좋아합니다. 무엇이든 빨리 배우다 보니 스케이트나 바이올린 등을 잘 하는 것 같습니다. 6살에 처음으로 김연아 선수의 모습을 보고 꿈을 갖게 되어 지금까지 스케이트를 타고 있습니다. 큰 대회를 위해 몇 년 전부터 여러 대회에 참여하며 실력을 쌓고 있습니다. 그러다 보니 작년에는 Midwestern 지역 1등으로 전국 대회에 나가 2등을 했습니다. 꿈을 이루기 위해 2022년 9월부터 학교를 다니며 일주일에 15시간 이상 트레이닝 과정을 시작하고 있습니다. 그러나 한 달에 적어도 $2,000 이상의 훈련비와 여려 대회에 참여하려면 1년에 $30,000 이상의 비용이 필요합니다. 한 분 한 분의 손길이 모여서 저의 희망을 크게 키울 수 있는 도움이 됩니다.
제 꿈은 한국계 미국인 최초로 김연아 선수처럼 세계 피겨 스케이팅 퀸이 되어 어려운 환경에 있는 어린이들이나 저처럼 꿈을 키우기 위해 노력하는 친구들, 인종차별이 없는 세상을 위해 노력하는 영향력 있는 사람이 되고 싶습니다. 몸은 작지만 열심히 노력하면 할 수 있다는 걸 꼭 보여주고 싶습니다. 제 꿈을 이룰 수 있도록 도와주세요.


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Gorgeouse ice princess!!

Eliana González

Congratulations to you and your accomplishments!!!

Young-Sun Shin

코리안저널을 통해 소식을 알게 됐어요. 비록 한번도 만난 적은 없지만 하고자 하는 의지가 강해 보입니다. 앞으로도 꿈을 향해 열심히 해 보세요. 마음 같아선 더 보내고 싶지만 우리도 학교 다니는 아이들 뒷바라지 하느라 많이 돕지 못합니다. 사진보니까 얼굴도 김연아 닮은 것 같네요. 하나님 의지하며 항상 기도하는 것 잊지 말고 크게 다치는 일 없이 연습생활 잘 하길 바래요. 할렐루야~

페럴 가족

WOW! Tiffany already glides so professionally! I am sure she will shine at the top-ranked tournaments when her time comes.

Olga Ch

우리 은지 정말 장하다! 다음 대회에서도 멋진 공연과 좋은 결과를 위해 기도할께.

Su Hyeon Kang

이번에 Boston 가서 잘 하시고 앞으로 어려운 과정들 믿음으로, 하나님 주시는 능력으로 잘 하세요. 제2의 김연아가 되기를 기도합니다. 사랑하고 축복해요.

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